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A. Payment Receipt
B. Contract of Sale
C. Post-Dated Cheque

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27th September 2022 (Punch Newspaper) By Edidiong Ikpoto

With record levels of inflation upending the logic of saving money traditionally through commercial banking, a new form of banking is gaining increasing traction, writes EDIDIONG IKPOTO

For centuries, the traditional banking system offered customers a platform to save money, either for interest or other purposes.

Historically, banking has been around since the first currencies were minted and wealthy people wanted a safe place to store their money.

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In his book, Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela had this to say about his house in Orlando West, Soweto:

“It was the opposite of grand, but it was my first true home of my own and I was
mightily proud. A man is not a man until he has a house of his own.”

Abraham Maslow identified the following as the basic needs of humans: food, clothing, and shelter.

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Nigeria: Overview Of Land Documents In Nigeria
by Olusola John Jegede

Land documents in Nigeria refer to the various legal instruments or documents that are used to establish, transfer, and convey land or ownership rights in Nigeria. These documents are important for ensuring that land transactions are conducted legally and that the rights of both buyers and sellers are protected. Also, the documents that may be relevant to each land transaction may vary with the nature of the ownership and with each transaction.

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